Our Services

The Trizone Wedding Management team can manage it all! We manage every little detail and create extraordinary weddings – from something as simple as popping the question, to an elaborate week long celebration at a destination of your choice!

No detail is left undone; our ‘FULL SERVICE WEDDING PLANNING’ includes everything from ‘Concept to Completion’.


Wedding Communications

Cause how you announce your wedding is as important as how you pop the question…

We make the experience of communicating your wedding and every small communication relating to it with utmost care and warmth. Depending on the theme, we can help you design the right ‘wedding invitation ‘which will not only suit the flavor of your function but will also give your guests a great experience to gush about in the future.


Since you build a stronger foundation before exchanging vows…

An engagement is a promise, a start, an unveiling of a bright chapter in the lives of two people, and Trizone Wedding Planner makes this memorable. Whether you’re the hosts or guests of honor, we take care of ‘Where to have it’, ‘who to invite’, ‘how to invite’, ‘what to serve’, ‘how to set the scene’ and ‘what all to do’.



We enhance the colour of your lifelong commitment

Mehendi is an auspicious pre-wedding ritual and we enhance it by adding a dash of warmth, affection and enthusiasm to your celebration. Since, it’s a pre-wedding function; we make sure your ‘Mehendi Night’ becomes special with the perfect décor, foods and lot of entertainment.


We Strike the right chord with you and your better half…

The whole ‘gaana bajaana’ and performances bit is just too exciting and make for great memories (not to forget, glamorous selfies and pictures!). So while you get busy grooving on those dance tunes, we add that ‘Extra tadka’ to your evening.



We make your walk down the aisle “worthwhile”…

We make sure that your wedding day stands out amongst the throngs of weddings your family and friends have attended in the past. With incredible décor, delectable food and loads of entertainment, Trizone Wedding Planner transforms your Marriage ceremony into an occasion your guests and you will remember for a long time.


Cause a reception is not the end but just a beginning…

We are known for our creativity and style that will make your Reception ceremony exclusive and magical. Crafting all your requirements, we give our ‘special touch’ and execute a reception that will leave your guests impressed.


Wedding halls

Every wedding has a beautiful history and a beautiful background…

We make sure that your wedding day stands out amongst the throngs of weddings your family and friends have attended in the past. With incredible décor, delectable food and loads of entertainment, Trizone Wedding Planner transforms your Marriage ceremony into an occasion your guests and you will remember for a long time.

Destination Wedding

Floral, Vintage or Bollywood-whatever you prefer…

Weddings with the same old décor and habitual rituals, does not really make one feel excited to participate in the occasion. So, to make it exciting, we believe in ‘Theme based and Destination Wedding. Whether it’s floral, Retro, Colorful or Vintage, Trizone, one of the best Destination Wedding Planners in India believes in conceptualizing magical themes that doesn’t go unnoticed.
Also, whether you prefer a Beach wedding in Goa or a Royal wedding in Udaipur, Trizone Wedding Planner is expert in planning magical destination weddings. From location to guest management, we will make your destination wedding truly spectacular.



The “Big Fat Indian Wedding“ made more entertaining…

A Big Fat Indian Wedding is fondly preserved not only in wedding albums but also in the memory and hearts of everyone involved. Be it arranging for an excellent entertaining act by local artists or having artists of national repute on board/perform at your wedding or put in a cameo, Trizone Wedding Planner gifts you memories of a lifetime.
We not only propose but coordinate various entertainment options for you. Be it, live acts, DJs, live music, celebrity appearances, artists, performers, pyrotechnics, sound, lighting & special effects design, Trizone Wedding Planners are just a call away!

Set & Decor

Giving every wedding an Interesting, Exotic & Attractive background…

To assist you in this delightful responsibility we put our heart and soul and ensure that we welcome your guests with the same warmth and intimacy which you would normally extend. No matter how high profile your guest list is, Our Hospitality services help you in managing your guests, right from the invitations to their departure from the wedding.



Ingredients from all over the world to make your wedding feast a finger licking one..

Be it a sumptuous single cuisine buffet or a multi-cuisine buffet, we understand that food brings a unique flavor to every wedding. At Trizone Wedding Planner, we explore all avenues of Catering Services to serve our guests. With our dedicated and professional master chefs specializing in cooking authentic cuisines, we prefer taking your worries out of your catering needs and attend all your guests to perfection.

Fashion & Beauty

An elegant, graceful and poised you is our promise…

We don’t heave a sigh of relief unless we’ve ensured that you look your best on your big day. Right from the most elegant trousseau for the bride to an elaborate Sherwani for the groom, we bring the best designers on board to add a touch of elegance and grace to your wedding.


Photography & Video

Capturing your priceless moments…

Perhaps the most important part and at Trizone Wedding Management, we tell your unique story through an exquisite collection of breathtakingly beautiful moving and still images. Combined with modern digital technologies, our work has a classic touch that perfectly reflects the raw emotions of the special day. Come to Trizone, which is one of the top wedding planner companies, if you want to combine style and elegance to create stunning visuals.

Unforgettable Honeymoon

Since you are ready to create the first amazing memory of your married life…

The world is your oyster and you deserve to be at your dream destination with the love of your life! Be it the surreal beach location in Goa, the backwaters of Kerala, the hills of Manali, the Glitz of Dubai or the glamour of Europe, Trizone Wedding Planner believes in arranging for a holiday which makes you feel like newlyweds all your life. Not just India, we offer you the most exotic locations both in India and Abroad. We tailor your dream Honeymoon to your specific requirements based on your specific needs and budget.



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